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Saturday, February 21, 2009

aaron smith's meme: 20 poetry books that made me fall in love with poetry

What are 20 poetry books (if there are twenty) that made you fall in love with poetry, the books that made you think: I want to do this, I need to do this. What are the books that kept you going? Don’t put down the books that you think you’re “supposed,” to like, but list the core ones, the ones that opened all of this up for you. Here’s my list (in no particular order):

1. Alberto Rios: Whispering to Fool the Wind
2. T. Crunk: Living in the Resurrection
3. Robert Hayden: Collected Poems
4. Jorie Graham: Erosion
5. Robert Hass: Praise
6. Octavio Paz: Collected Poems
7. Rita Dove: Museum
8. Robert Vasquez: At the Rainbow
9. Donald Justice: Departures
10. Lorna Dee Cervantes: Cables of Genocide: Poems on Love and Hunger
11. Gwendolyn Brooks: The Bean Eaters
12. David St. John: Hush
13. Charles Simic: Return to a Place Lit by a Glass of Milk
14. Larry Levis: Winter Stars
15. Gary Soto: Where Sparrows Work Hard
16. Yusef Komunyakaa: Magic City
17. Rita Dove: Grace Notes
18. Sandra Cisneros: Loose Woman
19. Li-Young Lee: Rose
20. Norman Dubie: Selected & New Poems


Anonymous said...


Would you tag me for this meme on facebook. I've been composing my list for 2 weeks, waiting for a gay poet to tag me. But it's just like high school! I can't get into any clique no matter how ingratiating or accomplished of a sycophant I am! (James Allen Hall tagged me and then also had remove tag marked next to that. I pressed remove tag and presto I was gone: he added and then I guess seconds later he decided against it!)

Steve Fellner

C. Dale said...

I did it over at FB.

James Allen Hall said...

Steve! I'd never remove you. Silly boy!