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Friday, February 20, 2009

bits and grits

did you enter the bad poem contest? the deadline is today. i entered two poems: a haiku and a chance operations poem.
diane k. martin showed up yesterday. yeah!
added a few more blogs to my blogroll. did you make the cut?
akron poetry prize. judge: martín espada. submit from may 1 and june 15. am i entering this contest? i wish! i would love to have mr. espada's seal of approval, but a blogger is the series editor, so i won't be sending my mss.
deb shows up today!
When we converse with, argue against, mimic, re-present, and admire other poets in our poems we inevitably grow.


Luke said...

Yeah! Happy to be there! Exclamation points!

javier said...


Could you say more about why you won't submit because the series editor is a blogger? I think you mentioned this before.

Keith said...

Mary passes on the manuscripts to others if there are conflicts of interest.

Akron does things right.

But I can certainly see your manuscript as an ass-kicker, so yes, do us all a favor and back off. OK? :)