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Friday, January 23, 2009

VCCA bits

I made it in one piece.
The VCCA is beautiful.
I can see horses from my studio window!
I'm sleeping in a twin bed! I haven't slept in a twin in ages.
The food is yummy. Tonight's dinner:

Beef stuffed with spinach and cheese
Potato fingerlings
Creamed squash
A nice salad
A glass of red wine
A cup of coffee
Cinnamon cake with vanilla ice cream

I like my studio. Two desks. A black book shelf. An armchair. A twin bed. Floor lap.
This is the first time my sleeping and working areas are separate. At Yaddo and MacDowell I had live-in studios. Here, I have a room in the Fellows Residence. (Think 70s university dorm but comfy!) And a studio at the studio barn complex.
Did I mention the horses?

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