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Saturday, January 24, 2009

studio pics

The horses! This is the view from the window by my desk. I don't recall their names. I think one is called "Fella." Wouldn't it be great if the other horse was named "Not-a-Fella?"

This is where the magic happens. Note the fab 70s table lamp. That's a lampshade!

This is the studio barn complex. All the studios are located here. Duh.

My studio has steps. Cute, no? I walk down to work.

My silo is bigger than your silo.

This is the bed in the studio. Maybe I'll have another naughty dream about Billy Collins.

The right side of my studio. I don't know why the studio has two desks. I'm never going to use the desk in the middle of the wall. Do you want it?

The wall next to my desk. I need to pin more things to it. Send me postcards!

The left side of my studio.

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AW said...

How about roc-a-fella?