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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Flashback: 2005 "Discovery"/The Nation Prize Recipients

from left to right: Grace Schulman, Glyn Maxwell, Stacie Cassarino, Liam Rector, Elise Paschen, Eduardo C. Corral, Rita Mae Reese, Dave Lucas.

Photo copyright Nancy Crampton.

Thanks to Dave Lucas for posting this pic on his Facebook page.


James Allen Hall said...

Great photo.

Anonymous said...

Move on, Liza. "Cabaret" was 37 years ago.

Peter said...

Cool photo! You look so happy Eduardo!
I remember having one taken in 1997, but have no idea what became of it. Perhaps in the archives?

Alison said...

What a great picture of Rita Mae! I didn't know you knew each other. She's amazing.

Leslie said...

Glyn Maxwell is hot. And Grace Schulman looks nothing like I'd imagined her to look.

Word verification: supread. As in super read. What you book will be.

Matthew Thorburn said...

Very nice. I remember that reading!