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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

25 random things about me

Diane K. Martin tagged me! Here it goes...

1. i'm not famous.
2. the other day i had an erotic dream that featured a cartoon character.
3. i won't open the door for anyone over 6 feet tall.
4. i once kissed two girls in one night.
5. i once held it for like seven hours even though i really had to pee. i was on a bus in mexico. i got so sick from holding it that i threw up.
6. poetry will never save my life.
7. i get drunk after two beers.
8. i'm not the wind beneath your wings.
9. some straight men scare me.
10. i got beauty marks on my face.
11. i like walking in the rain.
12. i can't fall asleep in a quiet room. i need to leave the tv or radio on. i need the background noise to fall asleep.
13. i like buying homemade soaps.
14. i hate buying clothes.
15. i like you.
16. i once keyed somebody's car.
17. sometimes i'm so happy that i think my heart is going to burst.
18. i liked the movie "twilight"
19. i would totally make out with joe the plumber.
20. hsn rocks my world.
21. sometimes i think i'm a better poet than you.
22. sometimes i think you're the better poet.
23. i get heartburn a lot.
24. i love cats.
25. i might be dyslexic.

1 comment:

Diane K. Martin said...

Congrats on getting 25 things. Prodigious!