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Monday, December 15, 2008

Free Stuff!

I'm packing away my books and journals. And there's some stuff I don't want to drag back to Arizona. But I don't want to throw them away! So I'm going to list the stuff and the first person to claim each item can have them. One item per person. I will mail off the stuff tomorrow.

1. No Starling: Poems. Nance Van Winckel (TAKEN)
2. September 08 isse of Poetry. (TAKEN)
3 Winter 2007-08 issue of Plougshares edited by Philip Levine. (TAKEN)
3. Fall 08 issue of The Paris Review (includes poems by Paul Guest!) (TAKEN)
4. Nov/ December 08 issue of The American Poetry Review. (TAKEN)
5. Fall/ Winter 08 issue of West Branch. (TAKEN)

Email me with your addy after you claim an item.


Anonymous said...


What kind of monster are you?
How can you treat Nancy Van Winckel like this?

I hope she's a bitch.

Or else this is inexcusable.

When I get a hold of you on the phone, we're going to talk about this.

Or maybe you challenge all fellow bloggers to list the books of poems in the last five years that they would like to throw away?

Steve Fellner

Anonymous said...


I just found a picture of Nance and she looks like a nice lady.

Anonymous said...


That last comment was written by Steve Fellner

Eduardo C. Corral said...

ha. the book is just not my cup of tea. i know i won't read it again. so why not give it to someone who might like it?

do you want it, steve?

i know you want it. bad.

Anonymous said...


After looking at her stuff on line, she's turning out to be a wonderful read.

I will send you a self-addressed
envelope to your home address if you feel comfortable give it to me through a message on facebook.

I think it's so cool that you've won all these honors which have give you time and space to write but I know at the same time it's costly economically and psychically. So let me send you the material to send it to me.


jose said...

I'd like the Ploughshares if it's still available. Thanks. Jose

Eduardo C. Corral said...

sure thing, jose. send your addy via email: lorcaloca@aol.com

Ivy said...

Hi Eduardo, I'd like to check out West Branch, please. :-)

Suzanne said...

I would love The Paris Review issue. xo