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Friday, December 05, 2008


I'm currently reading the spring/ summer 2008 issue of Hayden's Ferry Review. And it doesn't suck. In fact, I like the art and the poems in the issue. Color me surprised.
A Radiohead song justed ended on my iPod. Hmm. I wonder what's next? Ha. A Rhianna song!
I was having a crappy day yesterday. Worrying and worrying about something. But then kindness and generosity knocked on my door.
Another article written by somebody who doesn't know a thing about the poetry world: BU staffer Kerri French, a North Carolina native whose day job is College of Arts and Sciences philosophy department coordinator, recently received career-making recognition: inclusion in 2008 Best New Poets: 50 Poems from Emerging Writers...

Did you cringe afer reading that? I sure did. Career-making??!! Ha. Triple ha.
I stayed in all day today. Too cold to go outside.
The Tulip Thief, Mi Amor
I'm sure even Kerri French rolled her eyes when she read the article. She sounds like a sensible poet in the interview. Kerri, let's be Facebook friends!


Keith said...

There's a ton of good stuff in that HLR issue.

Keith said...

HLR? I meant HFR.

Booktender said...

re: ipod phenomenon. I call this "what's next" thing "life on shuffle."

Steph R said...

Ha, has Kerri seen this post? I'm linking her ...

Anonymous said...

do you mean to tell me that best new poets didn't instantly deliver you a career? or does that not happen until after best american poetry?

oh my. how did you manage to come across this article?! i didn't think anyone outside of my mother would be reading this.