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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Rejection Bits

These past two weeks have been filled with one rejection after another.
You Shall Serve: Ray Gonzalez.
Got a rejection letter from the MacDowell Colony.
I will be hosting a reading this Thursday for Matthew Shindell. Please come if you're in the area. Copies of In Another Castle, Matthew's first book, will be available for purchase.
I bought something from the Home Shopping Network last week. And no, I won't reveal what I bought. I'm so embarassed!
Got a rejection letter from the NEA.
Review: Spring by Oni Buchanan.
Don't you hate pity parties?


Leslie said...

Ahh, the taste of rejection in November.

'Twill swing the other way soon, I hope.

Meanwhile, you have your HSN prezzie as consolation.

Anonymous said...

Wondering who got an NEA this year...


Anonymous said...

You'll get an NEA in two years. Just watch!

Penultimatina said...

I got an NEA rejection too. Let's cry on each other's shoulders. I'm wearing a nice cashmere sweater today.

Anonymous said...


I love pity parties! What else is there to do in life but to feel bad for ourselves that we're dumb, mortal creatures, who have to constantly be self-aggrandizing to avoid suicidal impulses?

Invite me to your next one. I'll be there. holding a cheap bottle of red wine (preferably Shiraz) that I won't share with anyone but myself.

Steve Fellner

Anonymous said...

Eduardo: Send to LUNA! We won't reject you. Every poem is a LUNA poem.

Steve: Decaf.


Matthew Thorburn said...

I got one of those NEA letters too. I do know who one winner is, but I won't spill those beans. Also I read that it took Denise Duhamel something like 12 years to finally get an NEA....

Anonymous said...

I hope Eduardo's blog buddies are also mindful that prizes, residencies, etc. (the privileges of the still-too white Poetry World) are merely gasps in the big breath of calling oneself a working poet.

Enough co-dependency. Sit. Write. Breathe.