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Saturday, November 08, 2008

How to Succeed in Po Biz: Kim Addonizio

It is crucial not to win the major award, because then you might feel too great a sense of achievement. Be a finalist, but not a winner. This will keep you forever unsure of the scope of your talent, and you will be able to continue the habits of excruciating self-doubt and misery that stood you in such good stead during the many years you received no recognition at all.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find this ridiculous? I mean, why all the self-pity from someone who has won a Guggenheim? Maybe the tone is supposed to be sarcastic, but I read it as whiny. Other thoughts?

Kevin Anthony said...

yeah, it's supposed to be funny. it's a pretty crappy imitation of lorrie moore's "how to be a writer."

Anonymous said...


I do, too. Even though she attempts to deflate the self-pity with the closure which feels pat and uninspired.

Why didn't she add: Befriend a more sincere, working class poet named Dorianne Laux. Attach yourself to her in every way possible. Co-author a lame pedagogical manual with her that desperate poets like her will by. Poets who will not have the connections you have, because of your "quirkiness" and need to make a spectacle of yourself at AWP by wearing a feather boa.