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Friday, November 21, 2008

An early Xmas gift

Ha. This is so cool. The Hives and Cyndi Lauper have recoreded a Xmas duet. I'm digging Cyndi's vocals. Reminds me of her early stuff with Blue Angel.

Here's some of the naughty lyrics:

That's all ok hunny cause see I burned the tree this year
and I slept with your brother, I wrecked your daddies car
and went down on your mother.
I set your record collection on fire and said I never knew
felt kind of bad about that and I know you did too
So whatever you say, it’s all fine by me
Who the fuck anyway wants a Christmas tree

1 comment:

Adam Deutsch said...

Funny. I've been listening to A Night To Remember a whole bunch just lately. Excellent with the Cyndi Lauper.