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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Bits

I logged onto my bank account today and was surprised to find an extra 100 bucks. Thanks, Mom!
Man fight! S and K should take off their clothes and wrestle in a tub of JELL-O.
Ron Mohring: Sleepers.
I don't like it when people say my poems are beautiful. Beautiful is easy. Any fool can write a beautiful poem.
Congrats, Seth!


Rich said...

lol @ jello wrestling

I logged onto MY bank account and immediately went to my local Commerce Bank to wrestle the branch manager. In pudding.

Keith said...

Ha. First off, that's nasty. And it wasn't Steve's fault; he just happened to be the poster of the poem. I just got a little carried away with clearly not being a big fan of that poem.

Steven D. Schroeder said...

Man, I should have known this link was coming...

Christopher said...

Hmmm, I found it more of an aesthetic sparring. But entertaining like Tanya Harding in the ring type stuff.

Also, I'm not sure any fool can write a beautiful poem, at least not on a consistent basis.

I've had the pleasure of being an editor and seeing very little work that I'd consider beautiful,

and I've had the pleasure of going through a program where it was more like "Any fool can write a poem that sounds surprising in language."

But again, I love lyrical poems. And the best lyrics are mostly beautiful in some way, by my standards. Even when they're ugly!

I'm curious: What would you want people to say, instead?

Eduardo C. Corral said...


i'm talking about that scary 15 minute period after a reading when people come up to you to say kind things about your work. i get "your work is beautiful" a lot. it drives me crazy.

when i do say nice things to a poet after a reading i'm very specific. i meantion a poem, a line, or a stanza. i mention why the language or the subject spoke to me. i don't go on and on. i'm quick and exact.

when someone says "your work is beautiful" to me i think that person is not a good listener. s/he can't enjoy/ analyze poetry through the ears. or i think they really didn't like my work and use the beautiful angle to be nice. to cover their asses.

i guess i'm expecting too much from an audience.

Anne said...

I think "beautiful" is different from "pretty" -- I wouldn't want to write "pretty" poems but I think poems can be thorny, difficult, hard-fought, and still beautiful.

Leslie said...

I think the man fight is hilarious.

I think people are often moved by poems but don't really know what to say to articulate that. Beauty, which seems increasingly rare, to them may be a kind of high praise.

Most of my poet friends do what you do after a reading—offer specific, brief praise. I go all fan girl and can't think what to say.

The thing I hate is being told, "You read so well." Which translates in my life to: Your poems suck and good for you for standing up there and giving it a go anyway.

C. Dale said...

The worst thing one hears after a reading is "Thanks for reading" or "Thanks for coming." Those are the kisses of death! A friend of mine and I say it to each other after readings as a joke, but we both fear hearing it from anyone else.