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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Salon/ Reading at Karla and Peter's House

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of reading at Karla and Peter's house. Robert Strong was the other reader. I had a blast. We read to a few of Karla's peers from the English department and some of her students. A very attentive and kind audience. Here are some pics.

A close-up of a bird painting.

Karla dicing and slicing!

One of Peter's amazing prints. This print is blurry. Don't blame my camera! Peter transforms hundreds of photos into a single image. You can blame the other blurry pics on my camera.

The audience.

Close-up of a wood birdcage.

Iowa 2001 in the House!

Tea cup. Hands.

Robert Strong

Godzilla tearing through poetry.


Anonymous said...

A) Do you only have two striped shirts? A red and a blue?

B) Get a haircut, you hippie!

C) Robert Strong: WOOF!

Eduardo C. Corral said...


a. i have three striped shirts. count them: one, two, three.

b. i am getting one. at least i have hair. unlike some people i know.

c. yes, he's handsome.

Anonymous said...

And I know
and you know
that if we get