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Friday, October 03, 2008

I Hurt

I fell down the basement steps yesterday. I missed the second-to-last step and fell face forward. Don't worry, my million dollar face is okay. But I sprained my left ankle. I talked to my brother-in-law (the nurse) and I told him about the swelling, the slight bruising, the mild pain. He asked if I could walk on it. I told him I could. He said it was probably a mild sprain. He told me to ice the ankle for 15 minutes at a time, to rest, to get an ankle brace/ compression wrap.


As I was falling down the steps I thought: I'm falling like Juanga.

Someone just texted me: Good thing your an ankle saluter by nature! Foul. I'm not going to name this person. I don't want this person to get hate mail. Don't worry, Manuel, I won't tell the world you sent me that nasty text.


Anonymous said...

one foot on the ceiling, the other on the closet door

juanobeee said...

Sorry to hear about the ankle injury, Eduardo. This might sound unorthodox, but I would recommend you see a chiropractor to work on your ankle. Last summer I had a pretty bad sprain that put me on crutches for two weeks. On a whim, I mentioned it to my chiropractor who worked on it, and I was off the crutches the next day!

Be well,


jeannine said...

More sprained ankle advice, poor Eduardo! I had a zillion sprained ankles playing high school basketball, and here are three extra things you didn't mention:
--keeping it elevated as much as possible. Prop it up on pillows if you're sitting or lying down.
--Arnica gel (if there's no open wound) really helps the swelling. If you get one of those kind that has peppermint in it, it also makes it feel better.
--One of those ankle braces that keeps your ankle straight while you put pressure on it. Very helpful if you have to get around even if your ankle hurts and you don't want to make it worse.

Leslie said...

No advice. Sympathy. About the ankle and the ice just as it turns way too cold to be adding ice to the mix.


feel better.

and good luck coming off the Yaddo bench.

wondermachine said...

I feel for ya. I had a really bad ankle sprain a few months back and it took so long to heal. Just did. I couldn't speed it up and just had to learn to wait for it. Of course living in a house with three floors and stairs made it all the worse. Just hope you heal fast.
I had heard of the Juanga fall but had never seen it before. Priceless! Had to send it to my sister in Texas. Hysterical.