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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Prime Rib Bits

Facebook is addictive.
Yeah! I get to borrow a Bucknell car today. What will I do? Eat lunch at a nice place. Buy groceries. And...I can't think of anything else to do.
Mr. Mirror Box will now be reading my blog. About time. He mentioned on his blog (which I like and read) that he only reads the blogs of Steven S., Matthew Thorburn, and Gary McDowell. I was like: WTF? What about me? What about the glory of my blog? I want my props!
I had a good meal tonight. Prime rib. Mashed potatoes. Broccoli. Geez, broccoli is a funny looking word. It's those two Cs bookended by Os.
Listening to: Echo & The Bunnymen.
My wife made a list of the six top poetry competitions in the country, and Wick was one of the top six. Really? I hate to be a bitch (I really do!) but I don't think so. Are we talking book contests and other poetry competitions? Or just book contests? Either way: I wouldn't put Wick on a list of the top poetry competitions. Any list is going be subjective and meaningless. Hey, I've got time to kill! I'm going to make a list right now. But I don't think I could narrow my list down to six. I'm just going to list the ten book contests which I think are the most prestigious. Here goes nothing.

National Poetry Series
Walt Whitman
Pitt (the one named after a drag queen)
Cave Canem
Andres Montoya
APR/ Honickman
VQR Series (yes, I know this really isn't a contest, but the series rocks)
Crab Orchard

Wow, that is subjective. This list tells me two things. First, as a poet of color I place a high value on contests that publish books by writers of color. Second, I like big shiny contests. Kinda of depressing.


Matthew Thorburn said...

Facebook could be my full-time job... if only someone would pay me to do it.

It can't be good for my poem writing...

Christopher said...

Hey, thanks for liking my blog! I've been reading your blog, quietly, shhhhh.

Do you let your students be your Facebook friends? They seem to stalk on there. I think I already let them know me too much in class.

Christopher said...

Oh, and I like that a 73-year-old can have their first book published . . . oh the hope.

Eduardo C. Corral said...


i would never add students as facebooks friends. they're not my friends. they're my students.

Anonymous said...

I doubt Virginia taxpayers will think the VQR series rocks when they find out it's just a vanity press for employees of UVA who can't get published anywhere else.

Christopher said...

good to know. I thought I had private settings enough to where they couldn't even find me, but a couple have tried to be my friend. tried. i wholeheartedly agree with you.