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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lewisburg Pics

This is my cottage. I live on the first floor.

There's alot of beautiful houses around here. This one is just around the corner from where I live.

This is the sign in front of a stable that used to be part of the Underground Railroad.

Lewisburg is known for the three globe street lamps that line its streets.

This is the base of a lamp on the steps of the post office. Pretty, no?

The window of a Baptist church.

I live in Lewisburg. Duh.

Fallen leaves.

This is a college town.

Window shopping.

I saw this water tower near highway 15. I love how the red-orange paint is peeling away to reveal rusted metal.

These railroad tracks cut through campus.


Leslie said...

You live in another beautiful place. I'm amazed.

And if you ever quit writing amazing poems, you could go pro in the photography biz.

Keith said...

Pennsylvania's an underrated state in its natural beauty. I have some pride since I grew up there. Nice photos.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the Northeast gets me all warm and fuzzy inside this time of year. Enjoy.