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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nick Flynn has fans

My faculty adviser, Calvin Bedient, met him at the AWP conference last winter and confirmed my disappointment, labeling Flynn an "idiot". Cal is critical, indeed a harsh mistress to please, but I think his assessment is spot on based on what I've read of Flynn's work. Maybe Blind Huber is better?


Christopher said...

I like Another Bullshit Night in Suck City, his memoir. But I actually like Some Ether, and would debate its being too sentimental. Highly emotional subject matter, yes. But I thought the first couple of years I've gone back to read it over and over, that he does a good job of objectifying his subject, making it powerful with good imagery,etc.

Perhaps I will re-read Some Ether this weekend. (I've heard Flynn attends reading in Jesus sandals. Oh my, he MUST be a fool if he does that! jk)

a-smk said...

I think Some Ether is great. I think Nick Flynn gets a lot of grief for whatever "hubris" is not rare enough in our little gardens of verse. I don't know him but I do like the poems, for whatever that's worth. In some cases I've found that it's best to know the poems and not the poet. There are some amazing poems out there that belong to some really ridiculous, horrifying humans. Ignorance had been bliss...

I like the Corralian poesies very much.

greg rappleye said...

I liked "Some Ether," but thought "Blind Huber" was a falling off.

I've never met Flynn.