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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Millay Colony?

I'm thinking of applying to the Millay Colony for a 2009 residencty. Have you been there? I would love to hear about your time there. Leave a comment or email me.


Leslie said...

I've never been there, but it is pretty close to the places I hang out. We could meet!

joshuapoteat said...

Millay Colony is great. It's not as well-known or well-attended as Yaddo et al (maybe because it's so small), but the point is to get some work done, and work you shall. There is nothing around for miles, except for bugs and bears and edna st. vincent's lace-faced ghost nibbling your ears.

Although I'm nobody, I recommend it!


Katie said...

My friend went to the Millay Colony for painting a few years ago. I visited while she was there--gorgeous, remote landscape, simple housing in an old building, supportive community. Seems like a great place to go and get some work done (and become friends with artists working in several mediums). I heard that the living quarters are too shabby for some--my friend said that one artist didn't like the rooms and left--but that the majority of the artists are there to get some work done and not for the style of the drapes. -Katie