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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Foetry Is Messing With My Pretty Mind

I'm making a list of all the contests I'm entering this fall and spring. Yes, you read that correctly. I'm finally sending out my manuscript to the contests. I fear for my baby. But anyways, while I was reading up on deadlines and judges for the fall cycle I realized that a judge and I have had some marginal interaction: She took one of my poems for a journal she guest-edited this summer. She sent me a brief note thanking me for my submission and for my sexy knuckles. Just kidding about the knuckles. But let's be clear: I've never been a student of this judge, or taken a conference workshop with her. Though I did meet the judge once at ASU. She gave me hug! But that's it.

I refuse to get my first book published through connections. I don't play that game. I won't enter contests in which the judge is a former teacher. But I'm kinda of unsure about this situation. The poem she took for the journal is in my manuscript so she might remember me. Am I being too cautious? Am I crazy for even thinkng about this?


Anne said...

yeah, I think you're being too cautious. If you keep going in that direction you'll be all "OMG I think this judge might have once read a journal I might have had a poem in" and you won't submit anywhere.

Then again, I'm biased 'cause I think you should wait to send yours out until mine gets picked up somewhere. I don't need the competition. ;)

Anonymous said...

You're crazy for even thinking about this. Just submit.

Diane K. Martin said...

I thought about your dilemma overnight. I've had similar problems -- obsessed over whether to send to a particular competition because the judge liked my work -- and in the end didn't send. Seems nuts to cut your chances like that, though.

What about emailing the competition coordinator and asking their opinion? That gets you off the hook.

Dontoine Wiltron said...

People are talking about Eduardo Corral:

"He literally squeezes editors into publishing his work."

"One hug, one poem."

"If he hadn't wrapped his arms around that woman, we wouldn't be talking about his pantoums."

To be clear, the editor in question doesn't sound like a "connection" so much as a "fan of your work."

Bugzita said...

Over at the Poets.net forum, we have started a poll and thread about your qualms:


Brian Campbell said...

Yes, it gives you an "in", but your work deserves it.