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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Black Thumb Bits

New vice: carmel cream coffee.
The mums I bought three weeks ago have already died. I have a black thumb.
I'm surrounded by talented writers. Most of you know the fine work of GC Waldrep but keep an eye out for the work of K.A. Hays.
Currently listening to: Juan Gabriel.
Adam Zagajewski reads here next week. Can't wait. I've been reading and reading this poem for the past few months. I want to write a line as beautiful, as mysterious as this: "Black cinemas crave light."
Have you checked out the beautiful photographs taken by Simmons B. Buntin?

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Christopher said...

I love that Adam Z. poem! I've sent it to my friend teaching a lit class on Eastern Euro poets.

I find it intriguing and fantastic that AZ still writes in Polish. Most of the little e.Euro poems I've read in translation have such a succinct lucidity to them. And with such easiness.

I guess I see that in a lot of translated work. I think Americans and French writers sometimes are too amorous with our words.