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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Poet's Cottage at Bucknell University

I arrived! I walked into my apartment (the first floor of the Poet's Cottage) around 7:30PM. I'm not ashamed to say that I shed a few tears. It was overwhelming. I will be living here for four months. I will be writing/ reading here for four months. No teaching! What a gift! I want to hug my poems. I want to kiss my poems. To thank them for sheltering and feeding me.

What a gift.

The apartment is very cozy. It feels right. Here are some pics of the apartment.

The living room. Nice couches. I will probably wind up using the coffee table as my desk. I've never been much of a desk guy.

Nice bookshelves in living room. Most of the shelves will remain empty since I didn't bring much stuff. Yes, I know what you're thinking: That's a lot of dusting!

Breakfast nook in the kitchen.

The kitchen. Very clean. And bright.

Nice chair in living room. I will sit on this chair and think up new poems. Yes, that sounds like a good idea.

The dining room. A lot of cherry wood. I think. I'm terrible with wood. Ha! Anyways, the plums and peaches on the table (along with orange juice, bagels, cream cheese, coffee, half and half, chocolate, tea) were wonderful and yummy Welcome-to-Bucknell treats that were waiting for me.

My bedroom. Very comfy bed. Yeah, I already took a nap. So what!

The second bedroom. If you vist me you can sleep here. Hear me, Diana? Hear me, Rigoberto? In fact, if you're on my blogroll, you're invited to stay with me for a week. Think of it as a little residency. No joke.

The bathroom. Notice the pink bath mats. They knew I was coming.

Stairs to scary basement! The washer and dryer are down there so I'm going to have to trek down there soon. Maybe.


newzoopoet said...

Damn! I knew I needed to get on your blogroll... ;)

Ivy said...

Yay! You lucky duck! What a gorgeous place. That second bedroom looks mighty inviting... :-)

Reb said...

I slept in the 2nd bedroom at the poet's cottage two summers ago -- and had a few cocktails on the front porch. There should be a plaque or something commemorating the occasion.

Suzanne said...


cornshake said...

adorable digs (complete with pink fluffy bathmats)!! get some good work done and say hello to Shara for me!

Anonymous said...

Make your Gente proud, ese.

Un Vato C/S/R

Keith said...

Swanky digs. Looks awesome.

Ron Mohring said...

Hey, I picked out that sofa! and Randy picked out the lamps! when the downstairs apt was upgraded a couple years ago... can't take credit for the bath mats, though.

Welcome to Lewisburg. The muses were good to me in the cottage; may they shine through you as well.

Diana Marie Delgado said...

The breakfast nook looks like a great place to play cards and drink. Umm, I mean read.