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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Catch All Bits

Walked around Lewisburg today to get a feel for the place. A lot of beautiful houses with amazing porches.
I have a porch too. Reb got drunk on it once.
Do you like my $20 Target watch? I do. I love the brown and orange colors.
I live about 4 blocks away from historic downtown Lewisburg. I found a cool coffee shop. And some promising restaurants. I've never lived so close to a downtown before. It's like a five minute walk for a coffee or for a bite to eat. No more delivery for me!
10 Fun Things to do in Lewisburg
I can't wait to explore the Susquehanna River. It will be nice to just sit and watch the water flow. Don't worry, I won't write a poem about it. Geez.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to carry your papeles, guey. It looks a little pale in the face there if you know what I mean. Any offers to mow lawns yet?

wondermachine said...

Que malo (the guy upstairs).
I was in those parts a few months back driving back from Buffalo and a poetry reading gig. What I remember:

--Williamsport (North of you) has a pretty amazing collection of old houses.
--the area North of there is called the "Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania" and is a pretty valley of small towns and camping and cabins. That drive was pretty although I do have to agree with anonimo above that it's on the pale side.
My partner's from the Southern part of Pennsylvania so that's the area I know better but sounds like you have some adventures ahead.
Maybe we need to find a way to get you down to DC for readings.

Paul Pedroza said...

No kidding. Living close to a downtown-- even a small one like Champaign's-- is pretty sweet. I live a block southwest of West Side Park, and I don't want to move away because it's such a nice location.

greg rappleye said...

I've stopped a couple of times in Lewisburg and thought it was a pretty sweet place.

Anonymous said...

Lewisburg should be happy to have a man as handsome as you in town for the short time you're here. Enjoy your stay!