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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bye Bye Arizona Bits

I updated my blogroll. Did your blog make it? You should be so lucky.
I leave tomorrow morning for Bucknell.
A good list of writing residencies.
Craig Santos Perez has a book coming out soon. Looking forward to it.
Why did so many bloggers link to this contest? Is there something I should know?


32poems.com said...

Glad I made the cut. Thanks for the shoutout and good luck with your move.

Matthew Thorburn said...

Say hi to your new colleague Porochista K. for me -- I met her at Sewanee. She gave a great reading from her novel. It was cool to see both of your names in the Bucknell ad in the new APR.

And hey, you should come up to NYC for a visit sometime while you're back on the East Coast.