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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bits with Random Pics

My front porch at night.

Some of the old lit journals on my shelves.

I spent the afternoon with Ron Mohring. Such a sweet guy! This is a chapbook he gave me. I don't think the pic does it justice. It's a beautiful object. If only he would publish a chapbook of my poems. Sigh.

I've been trying to decorate but it's not going well. I didn't bring many knicknacks. I've been raiding the kitchen shelves to stock the living room shelves. This is a yellow coffee cup filled with wood skewers and a green bowel placed in front of a white plate. Take that Martha Stewart!

I know you're dying to catch a glimpse of my dirty dishes. It's your lucky day. For your viewing pleasure: a plate, a spoon, and a pot.

My big toes are oddly shaped.

1 comment:

Ron Mohring said...

"If only he would publish a chapbook of my poems."
--So SHOW me something, you silly.