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Friday, July 25, 2008

Yet Another Bits Post

My mom is 61 today. We went out for dinner. She's at a casino now. She loves the slots.
Are you a kiss ass, Keith?
The hottest guy on Project Runway got booted off!
Manuel and I hung out yesterday evening. Aaron and Manuel sitting in a tree...
I used to be slot.
Franciso is doing a lot of good work.
Keith is starting an interesting online project.
I got a postcard!
I wanna go to Breadloaf/ Sewanee one day. I like gossip. And books.
Galatea Resurrects #10
Interview: Francisco Aragón. Looking forward to the Scott Inguito chapbook.
Is she moving to Arizona???
You go, Collin.
I'm digging the new laptop.


Manuel said...

Green ain't your color, Eduardo: *we* could've been sittin' in a tree back during winter if you hadn't just, you know, bailed on our coffee and NYC stroll. No phone call, no text--I guess you got it like that. I'm still waiting for an official apology on that one...

(My mom is the same age as your mom! Thanks to them and that fact, you're forgiven, but only a little bit.)

TJ said...

Hello Eduardo C. Corral - I wonder if there is a way to contact you directly? I'm interested in learning about your experience at Yaddo. - TJ (tjnorris@gmail.com...tjnorris.net)

Anonymous said...

Are YOU a kiss ass, Eduardo? I mean, so many of your bits are nibble nibble.

Ah, how sweet. You and Manuel are both turning 40! Huzzah!

Keith said...

Eduardo -- a kiss ass? How so?

And technically I'm continuing the project. All the credit goes to Kate for starting it. I don't want to see it die.

Paul Pedroza said...

Eduardo, how are you? It's been... what?... five months (AWP)?

I like the blog.

jeannine said...

The real question is, Eduardo, are you ever going to live in Arizona again?
Or, any tips for future residers?