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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wi-Fi Bits

I'm at the public library. Trying out the new laptop. Man, this sucker is way faster than my desktop. But I still can't get a handle on using a tracking pad instead of a mouse. I might buy a wireless mouse.
Congrats, BJR!
Pet peeve: Poets who refer to themselves as "prize-winning poets" in their biographies. Gag! Any fool can win a prize. Look at me!
The new X-Files film sucks. Big time. Space Chimps had a more believable plot.
Pet peeve: Poets who mention they've been nominated for a Pushcart Prize in their bios. Who gives a fuck? If you actually win a Pushcart then I might care. Stop trumpeting a nomination! Each print/ online journal gets to nominate like 4 or 5 poets a year. I wonder how many poets get nominated each year? Hundreds? Thousands? You're not a "winner" if you get nominated. You're just part of the mob.
Adam thinks he saw me riding a Harley. I was wearing "oddly low-cut boots." Yikes!


Steven D. Schroeder said...

Also bio notes telling me where your manuscript was a (semi-)finalist. Bleh.

Collin said...

Bitch, bitch, bitch.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eduardo, thanks for your congrats.

So re: listing Pushcart nominations in a poet's bio, sometimes that's exactly what propels an emerging poet to write more, to work for more publication, more reading/performance gigs, more CV worthy accolades. It's unkind to knock 'em.

James Allen Hall said...


I was mortified when I saw that my book's bio lists my noms. Suffice it to say, sometimes authors don't construct or even see their bios.

Anonymous said...

X-Files faves: Scully turning to reattach heads and says "I've got work to do" (rolling up sleeves).

Later, googling stem cell research and performing brain surgery the next day, showing us yet again the power of google to accomplish anything.
What's next, world peace?

Anonymous said...

My thinking exactly--I hate those bios that say they've been nominated for pushcarts--nominations are literally a dime a dozen. It's ridiculous! Or even worse, poets that say they've been nominated X number of times. And the phrase "prize-winning" really does make poetry seem unpure, like winning a prize is all that matters in poetry. It sounds like visiting a county fair. Your post was not "unkind," just honest, my thoughts exactly.

Motivation is good, but that's different than putting it in your bio.