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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nerd Power Bits

Goodbye, contact lenses! Hello, glasses! I'm now wearing frames very similar to these. I haven't worn glasses since high school. Nerd power!
Starting to plan my move to Bucknell University. I will be flying down there in the middle of August. I don't have to worry about housing since the residency comes with a fully furnished two bedroom apartment.
Once again: thank you thank you thank you to my poems for housing and feeding me.
Mini-interview: Sean Hill. Love that photograph, Sean!
My frames are still a bit too large. They keep sliding down my nose. Will have to go back for another fitting.
Don't you hate it when bloggers brag about acceptances? I will have a poem in the third edition of this anthology.


javier said...

Congratulations on the anthology inclusion.

You should change your blog photo. I think we all want to see one of you with your new glasses

Booktender said...

I concur with Javier. New photo please! I'm proud of you for joining the ranks of the nerds. Being a nerd myself, librarian sect, I encourage you to brace your nerd. Celebrate it. Be the nerd.

While glasses are optional for the more experienced nerd, I find them an ideal device for those just coming out as a nerd.

And, dude, way to go on the anthology!

arturo said...

hey loco:
this is Arturo (from ASU) now Colorado..mi carnal/ bro
is a full prof at Ohio State and there might be a target hire tenure track in creative writing/latino studies/interest in identity language and idenity they are building the program up super strong..
shoot me an email asap and i will put you in touch with Fred--he loves it out there it is part of the mfa/phd program in english and latino studies..since fred got hired 90% of al grad students are now brown folks..so a growing diverse and positive vibe..

Anonymous said...

That's quite an anthology to brag about, E.

So post your pic with glasses!

Hey, Prof. Aldama! I remember he did a kick ass presentation on geography for me and my Latino Graduate Students Association peeps. Wassup?

I also remember Ohio State rejected my brown butt!

John O. Espinoza

newzoopoet said...

Congrats on both, Eduardo! I have dry eye and can't wear contacts, so I'm jealous. :)

BTW, how does one go about being considered for an anthology? Are there calls for such things?

Simmons B. Buntin said...

Congrats on the anthology and the glasses and the residencies, Eduardo. Don't forget about us little people burning up in the lovely desert, eh?!



Jill Widner said...

Hi, Eduardo,
My old friend Pam(ela) Leri was a Philip Roth resident at Bucknell in the early 90s, 93 or 94, I think, just after we parted ways at Iowa. Just in case people carve their names on walls. She liked her time there. Good luck. And congratulations on the Vendler anthology. And yes, post new pic with glasses!

Do you miss last summer? I'm going again week after next.