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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hayden’s Ferry Review Sucks

I really don't know why I dislike Hayden’s Ferry Review. True: I once submitted and was rejected. False: this is the reason for my dislike. Why do I dislike this journal so much? I should love HFR. I'm a proud graduate of Arizona State. I even know one of the poetry editors!

HFR was one of the first journals I started reading when I first began to write poetry at ASU. Along with Crazyhorse, Poetry Northwest and Poetry. I spent hours in the library reading back issues. I always found something to love in the other journals. But I don't recall loving any poems in the HFR issues. That doesn't sound right. I'm sure they've published some amazing poems.

Hayden's Ferry Review now has a blog. Sigh.

I apologize to the folks over at HFR. This is an illogical post. And I haven't read an issue of HFR for over three years. I'm sure they're publishing good work these days. Look at the list of contributors in the latest issue. Very impressive!

Still I would never submit again.

Why do I dislike the journal? I wish I knew.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why I hate Eduardo C. Corral. I like his poems but I still hate him. And, no, I won't ever publish him. Not because the poems aren't good, But because I hate him.


Hayden's Ferry Review

Anonymous said...

Because it sucks?

Beth Staples said...

I wish I knew, too. Can I send you a copy of the new issue, to see what you think?

Managing Editor
Hayden's Ferry Review

Keith said...

I don't even know why this was a post if it's needlessly tearing down HFR, which has always been one of my favorites.

But alas, I guess blogs let us express things as such.