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Sunday, July 20, 2008


Reb Livingston has dreams. Sometimes she dreams about poets. Did she dream about you?
Do you dream about poets?
Sometimes I have naughty dreams about Billy Collins, Robert Hass, Sean Singer, Carl Marcum, Carl Philips, Terrance Hayes, Brian Teare, Paul Martinez Pompa, James Hall, Ted Berrigan, Alex Lemon, e.e. cummings, Spencer Short, Forest Gander, Bruce Smith, DA Powell, Maurice Manning, Mark Strand, David Trinidad, Sherman Alexie, Dan Beachy-Quick, Ciaran Berry, Frank O'Hara, Tony Tost, and Suji Kwock Kim.


James Allen Hall said...

Oh, the things Frank O'Hara and I would do to you in dreamland, Eduardo.

(You don't dream about Richard Blanco? Now that's just REM sleep gone to waste, then).


Ivy said...

Yes, I do.