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Monday, July 21, 2008


Track 1: Lush Life by Jericho Brown.
Stayed at my sister's this weekend. This explains all the blog posts over the past two days.
Leslie is blogging about her time at Sewanee.
Cool site: Apostrophe Cast. You can hear readings/ lectures by some fine writers. Like: Sabrina Orah Mark, Danielle Pafunda, and Cecily Parks. Glad to hear Sabrina's second book will be out in 2009 from Saturnalia Press.
New crush: Adam Gertler.
Review: The Importance of Peeling Potatoes in Ukraine
If you are not photogenic or not like having your picture taken or do not know how to send a jpg attachment, then please do not submit.
Interview: Kevin Goodan
As noted in several online dictionaries, 'La Raza' means 'the people' or 'the community,' " the group says on its Web site. "Translating our name as 'the race' is not only inaccurate, it is factually incorrect


Anonymous said...

As a non-photogenic poet, I call for a boycott of what will now be known as Covergirl Poetry over there are MiPoesias. This is utterly disgusting and outrageous.

Radish King said...

That photogenic thing got to me, too.

javier said...

Eduardo, thanks for the last bit/link. That article has inspired a poem I'm thinking of calling "Suggested Alternative Names for National Council of La Raza." My favorite one so far is

"National Council of Los Que Tienen El Pinche Nopal en La Frente."

I'm grateful for your sister's internet access. The internet is so much better when you're online than when you're not.

James Allen Hall said...

I love that poem of Jericho's! It's the opening shot in his book.

Cahya said...

Your blog is very good.
See you and have a nice blogging.

Marcelisima said...

I can't believe that photogenic stuff. WTF?!