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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Bits

This Can’t Be by Bruce Smith.
University of Iowa campus among those areas hit hard by flooding
Spent the weekend at my sister's house.
Letter to Brooks: Spring Garden by Major Jackson.
Sheryl Luna reviews Braille for the Heart. One of lines from the chapbook has become an epigraph to a new poem I'm working on.
The Acentos Review: June 2008
Childhood Ideogram by Larry Levis
Just finished working on an ekphrastic poem. All the words/ phrasing in the poem are taken from one of my favorite poems by the late Luis Omar Salinas.
Love the new photograph, Seth.
Some Extensions on the Sovereignty of Science by Alberto Rios.


Anonymous said...

Horse Bits:


--W. H. Auden

Sheryl said...

Thanks for posting the review of Robert Vasques's BRAILLE FOR THE HEART Eduardo. I hope you're having a good summer.

Robert Vasquez said...

Dear Eduardo,

Thanks for mentioning Sheryl's review of Braille for the Heart.

And I'm curious: Which line did you select?

All the best,