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Sunday, June 08, 2008


My favorite new TV show: Groomer Has It.
Good looking group.
I'm going to submit. Are you?
I won't have regular Internet access this summer. Blogging will happen when it happens.


C. Dale said...

Um, I thought you never submit to places edited by fellow bloggers?

Eduardo C. Corral said...

I've changed my mind.

Poems need homes.

Also, I realized my stance was kinda of dumb.

Steven D. Schroeder said...

Okay, Anti- is waiting also in that case... :-)

Anonymous said...

How desperate for attention.

Justin Evans said...

I already have subbed to Barn Owl. Glad to hear you are taking a leap.

Matthew Thorburn said...

Good change in policy. If I ever edit anything, I'll expect you to send in some poems!

Adam Deutsch said...

Got any Critical Prose to send? Please?!

Emmy said...

thanks for posting our wind shifts picture, eduardo. it was a good, good time in minneapolis.