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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Bits

Ploughshares took a poem. The drought is over.
An Interview with Jay Leeming by Matthew Thorburn
Rain today. Chilly wind. Good day in my book.
I wish Cicada would've ended on: "Your cycle :: bury a child’s body underground"
This is my last Sunday in Hamilton.
Such a cute couple!
Will someone please tell me the name of this cute white boy? I've got a mad crush. Mary, you must know his name?
...I tried to include Latino writers who were not of Mexican ancestry. Thus, we have stories by writers who have roots in Cuba and Brazil. I wished that I had included more stories by other non-Chicanos but much was dictated by what I received in response to my call for submissions. Not surprisingly, I received work primarily from Chicano/a writers.
Hmm. There's a hole in my right sock. My little toe is sticking out.
Call me Malinche.
Anti wants your poems and visual art. Too bad I don't submit to journals edited by bloggers. But why don't you submit?
A Conversation Between Amaud J. Johnson & Douglas Kearney
I shouldn't be telling you this. Last week I hooked up with an older white guy. While we were in bed he whispered a question into my ear: You do this alot in your country? I looked at him, and replied, You mean Arizona? The magic quickly left the room.
I love the organic cheese enchiladas made by Amy's Kitchen. I know, I know. I'm a terrible Chicano. Frozen enchiladas! My mother would faint if I told her I'm eating frozen enchiladas. But I can't help it! This is one good enchilada.
Typo 11.


Brent Goodman said...

But then Cicada would only be 3 lines long! Kidding - that's a great idea thanks. I might reshuffle the poem before the book comes out. Thanks!

Leslie said...

Congrats on PShares!
Huge drought ender!

Sasha Pimentel Chacón said...

Hi, thank you.

Great to find your blog-- I like your Sunday "bits."

Congrats on Ploughshares-- that's wonderful!

jeannine said...

Congrats on the Ploughshares acceptance!

Diane K. Martin said...

Wow, yes, a pretty fine drought ender. Congrats.

Anne said...

Congrats on P-shares!

I like those Amy's enchiladas too. I'm such a lazy cook though -- I eat so much frozen stuff that I think I've lost my taste for real food. :(

Penultimatina said...

Congrats on Ploughshares!

That would be fiction writer Tobin Terry. Stop by the UA Press table at the AWP bookfair and say hello!

Anonymous said...

Mira, tanto tiempo en Gringolandia, y estas comiendo frozen en-shee-la-das. Pobre. Are you sure you are Xicano? Chale, Un Vato C/S/R

Justin Evans said...

Congratulations on the Ploughshares acceptance! Way to go!

Steven D. Schroeder said...

Indeed, congrats!

Amanda Auchter said...

Awesome news about the Pshares! Great job!

Collin said...

Congrats on P'shares and getting some ass from the stupid daddy. Hope he was at least good for some slap and tickle.

Calder said...

Awesome deal on the Ploughshares get. WTG!! Congrats!! Hope you get on a serious roll, no drought.