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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

New Crush: Alistair McCartney

...one hope I do have is that my book will set the reader dreaming, will leave them with that disquieting feeling a dreamer experiences when waking up in the morning.

Here's a review of his first novel. These are the sentences from the review that convinced me to buy his book:

"Most entries bear an acuity of vision, with the repeated themes of hunky Los Angeles cholos, Kafka-esque cabinets full of endless detritus and information, angels having wings sawed off in gruesome past and future holocausts, and the occasionally hilarious piece of satirical perfection.

One of the briefest entries is under H. Surely many gays have secretively looked in dictionaries and encyclopedias for a definition of themselves. But in McCartney's realm, under HOMOSEXUAL, it reads, "I think I am mentioned somewhere in the Bible, if I remember correctly."

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