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Friday, May 16, 2008

Jilly Dybka: Trouble And Honey

"My first book of poetry, Trouble And Honey, is available for purchase at Lulu.com for a special recession-rate of $7.77. And if you live overseas, why not take advantage of the crappy fiat US dollar hahaha?

The book is also available as a PDF file, for free. This is an experiment. (My baseball poems free chapbook PDF has been downloaded just over 2,500 times so far, BTW. I’m sure that has everything to do with the subject matter.) The PDF of Trouble And Honey is genuinely free without any obligation. If you enjoy reading the PDF you can:

1.) buy the book version of it at Lulu.com for $7.77 USD
2.) use PayPal to send a donation for whatever $ for the PDF. I have a publicly-viewable PayPal meter with a tally of total donation amounts — if you want to eavesdrop. I don’t expect people to pay for anything on the WWW though.
3.) do nothing whatsoever, just like those 2,500 other folks have done. (I don’t have a link to PayPal or anything on that baseball poem site.)"


Collin said...

Yay, Jilly! More poets should follow her lead and break the cycle of contest abuse.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Eduardo xoxo