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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yet Another Post Titled Bits

Amazing Post
His name is Tobin! Hmm. I have a crush on a guy with an elf's name.
I'm going to see the new Indiana Jones movie tonight. I'm a sucker for a whip.
EDIT: Steve Fellner's poems are blowing me away.
There are four ways to survive as a writer in the US in 2006: the university; journalism; odd jobs; and independent wealth. I have tried the first three. Each has its costs.
Cry Me a Lorca: what a great title for a mss!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Bits

Ploughshares took a poem. The drought is over.
An Interview with Jay Leeming by Matthew Thorburn
Rain today. Chilly wind. Good day in my book.
I wish Cicada would've ended on: "Your cycle :: bury a child’s body underground"
This is my last Sunday in Hamilton.
Such a cute couple!
Will someone please tell me the name of this cute white boy? I've got a mad crush. Mary, you must know his name?
...I tried to include Latino writers who were not of Mexican ancestry. Thus, we have stories by writers who have roots in Cuba and Brazil. I wished that I had included more stories by other non-Chicanos but much was dictated by what I received in response to my call for submissions. Not surprisingly, I received work primarily from Chicano/a writers.
Hmm. There's a hole in my right sock. My little toe is sticking out.
Call me Malinche.
Anti wants your poems and visual art. Too bad I don't submit to journals edited by bloggers. But why don't you submit?
A Conversation Between Amaud J. Johnson & Douglas Kearney
I shouldn't be telling you this. Last week I hooked up with an older white guy. While we were in bed he whispered a question into my ear: You do this alot in your country? I looked at him, and replied, You mean Arizona? The magic quickly left the room.
I love the organic cheese enchiladas made by Amy's Kitchen. I know, I know. I'm a terrible Chicano. Frozen enchiladas! My mother would faint if I told her I'm eating frozen enchiladas. But I can't help it! This is one good enchilada.
Typo 11.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Three Candles Press Open Book Award

Three candles press is pleased to announce the second Three Candles Press Open Book Award for the best book of poems by a poet in any stage of his or her career. The contest will be judged by Deborah Keenan, whose most recent book is Willow Room, Green Door (New and Selected Poems), winner of the Minnesota Book Award.

Award: Winner receives $500.00 and 25 copies of the winning book. Deadline Oct. 15th (post-mark date). The winner will be notified at the end of December. Runners up and two alternates will be posted on the website by January 15th, 2009. The book will be available on the three candles website, through online retailers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble, and at fine booksellers in America and Europe. The winner will receive a standard royalty contract.

Guidelines: Manuscripts of 60 - 95 pages should have one cover page containing the poet’s name, address, phone number, email address and title of manuscript, and another with only the name of the manuscript. Please include only one acknowledgements page.

Complete guidelines here.


The true MFA hood is brown velvet, with your school colors on the inside. (OSU= scarlet and grey). people were mixed with what gown i should get but the people at the bookstore (and about 5 other graduation companies) told me to get the black gown, with black chevrons that indicate the terminal degree. the dk blue lining of the hood or blur chevrons would indicate a doctorate, and since I don't have one, they thought black gown with black chevrons would be appropriate for the MFA.

My MFA school colors: black and yellow. Yuck!

What are your MFA school colors?

Friday, May 16, 2008

Jilly Dybka: Trouble And Honey

"My first book of poetry, Trouble And Honey, is available for purchase at Lulu.com for a special recession-rate of $7.77. And if you live overseas, why not take advantage of the crappy fiat US dollar hahaha?

The book is also available as a PDF file, for free. This is an experiment. (My baseball poems free chapbook PDF has been downloaded just over 2,500 times so far, BTW. I’m sure that has everything to do with the subject matter.) The PDF of Trouble And Honey is genuinely free without any obligation. If you enjoy reading the PDF you can:

1.) buy the book version of it at Lulu.com for $7.77 USD
2.) use PayPal to send a donation for whatever $ for the PDF. I have a publicly-viewable PayPal meter with a tally of total donation amounts — if you want to eavesdrop. I don’t expect people to pay for anything on the WWW though.
3.) do nothing whatsoever, just like those 2,500 other folks have done. (I don’t have a link to PayPal or anything on that baseball poem site.)"

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Steve Fellner

...A few weeks ago, when I received my first royalty check of $27.08, I received the news: 138 copies. My first book of poems, Blind Date with Cavafy, sold a total of 138 copies.

My question: was that good or bad?

Finalists for the 2007 Balcones Prize

Lilies Without, Laura Kasischke
This Clumsy Living, Bob Hicok
**At the Drive-In Volcano, Corn Shake
How to Be Perfect, Ron Padgett
The Boys I Borrow, Heather Sellers


But I'm sure I'm going to get a thousand emails from Tupelo Press trumpeting the good news. One email is enough, Mr. Levine!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Blue Bits

Still can't shake off the sadness.
I always get a little blue when one phase of my life ends.
Two poems: C. Dale Young.
The two guys in blue in this photograph are very cute.
The philosopher Baruch Spinoza defined sadness as the “transfer of a person from a large perfection to a smaller one.”
Eating Alone

I’ve pulled the last of the year’s young onions.
The garden is bare now. The ground is cold,
brown and old. What is left of the day flames
in the maples at the corner of my
eye. I turn, a cardinal vanishes.
By the cellar door, I wash the onions,
then drink from the icy metal spigot.

Once, years back, I walked beside my father
among the windfall pears. I can’t recall
our words. We may have strolled in silence. But
I still see him bend that way—left hand braced
on knee, creaky—to lift and hold to my
eye a rotten pear. In it, a hornet
spun crazily, glazed in slow, glistening juice.

It was my father I saw this morning
waving to me from the trees. I almost
called to him, until I came close enough
to see the shovel, leaning where I had
left it, in the flickering, deep green shade.

White rice steaming, almost done. Sweet green peas
fried in onions. Shrimp braised in sesame
oil and garlic. And my own loneliness.
What more could I, a young man, want.

Li-Young Lee

New Crush: Alistair McCartney

...one hope I do have is that my book will set the reader dreaming, will leave them with that disquieting feeling a dreamer experiences when waking up in the morning.

Here's a review of his first novel. These are the sentences from the review that convinced me to buy his book:

"Most entries bear an acuity of vision, with the repeated themes of hunky Los Angeles cholos, Kafka-esque cabinets full of endless detritus and information, angels having wings sawed off in gruesome past and future holocausts, and the occasionally hilarious piece of satirical perfection.

One of the briefest entries is under H. Surely many gays have secretively looked in dictionaries and encyclopedias for a definition of themselves. But in McCartney's realm, under HOMOSEXUAL, it reads, "I think I am mentioned somewhere in the Bible, if I remember correctly."

Monday, May 05, 2008


Photoshop Disasters

Why I'm a Chicano Poet Part III

The problem:
Arizona schools whose courses "denigrate American values and the teachings of Western civilization" could lose state funding under the terms of legislation approved Wednesday by a House panel.

Another section of the bill would bar public schools, community colleges and universities from allowing organizations to operate on campus if it is "based in whole or in part on race-based criteria," a provision Rep. Russell Pearce, R-Mesa, said is aimed at MEChA, the Moviemiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, a student group.

Take action:

The bill goes one step further. It also would ban public schools or colleges from including race-based classes or school sponsored activities. Officially the language says it would ban any activity "deemed contradictory to the values of American democracy or Western civilization." However, the language is so broad, who knows what could be prohibited? Certainly Chicano studies, African-American studies & other ethnic studies programs would be put at risk.

Studies show that students who learn about their race and culture have a lower-drop out rate. In truth, if this bill passes it could cause a huge set back in our educational system.

Please take immediate action. If you live in Arizona, e-mail your representatives immediately as well as the Speaker of the House. If you live outside Arizona, please e-mail the Arizona Speaker of the House today and let him know the eyes of the nation are on Arizona.

Early Monday Morning Bits

I'm kinda of depressed. I'm really going to miss Colgate. My time here officially ends on May 31th. And when do I depart? The 24th of May. I just don't want to go.
Matthew Thorburn reviews Chase Twichell's Dog Language.
I'm borrowing the English department's digital camera this week so I can take pics of Colgate and Hamilton. I know I haven't posted any pics of my time here. I will remedy that this week.
Audio interview: Javier O. Huerta .
A cat coaster? The shame!
One thing I still believe is that having too narrow of an aesthetic bent is a damaging thing for a poet. Also, the belief that one's knowledge is automatically superior to another's is also dangerous. This goes for all of us not just poets. In other words, you may not be reading what you should be reading. You may not be viewing what you should be viewing. You may not be listening correctly. Let go. Let it be.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Don't Forget!!

SEVEN KITCHENS PRESS announces the 2008 ROBIN BECKER CHAPBOOK PRIZE for an original, unpublished manuscript in English by a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgendered writer.

$12 reading fee. Final judge: Robin Becker.

Prize: $100 plus 25 copies.

Submission deadline: Postmarked between March 1 and May 15 of each year.

Eligibility: Open to all L/G/B/T poets writing in English (no translations, please).

Complete info here.

And check out some of the titles of the manuscripts received so far:

Coming Out in Ovaltine
What Are You, Some Kind of Angry Dyke or Something?
Love, Or Whatever It Was
My Imaginary Cock
Open Your Mouth
Seven Portraits and a Film
A Poem Is Like a Woman
Mrs. Potatohead's Uterus and Other Poems
Journey to Endless Arrival

Chapbook: Cherry

Announcing Cherry
by Barbara Jane Reyes

To order a copy of the chapbook please visit the Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs website or email Brenda Iijima: Brenda@yoyolabs.com

$6 + $1 shipping, send checks to:

Brenda Iijima
596 Bergen Street, #1
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Or buy here

Get Ur Drink On!

Michelada Mexicana

Ada Limón on Jimmy Santiago Baca

Baca has long since been deemed a political poet with his open dialogue about Latino politics, issues of race, racism, incarceration, and the politics of language. Even the film he co-wrote, Blood In, Blood Out (also known as Bound by Honor) delves into these themes. However, this book takes a different turn, as did the book before it (Winter Poems Along the Rio Grande, New Directions 2004). A calm gratefulness offered up to the world is evident in every poem. The fierce anger has subsided, and though the Baca we know is still present and pounding, the tone is one of celebration and magic as opposed to those rails against oppression.

javier o. huerta

is a handsome man.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Last Day Bits

The Blurbs! The Blurbs!
Another blog tease!
Today is the last day for my poetry workshop. What a great bunch of students! I'm going to miss teaching here at Colgate.
I think Ecco should've asked Mr. Bill Knott to blurb Paul's third book.
Looking good, Charlie.
STOP THE PRESSES! Steve Fellner was the co-winner of the The Thom Gunn Award for Gay Poetry . Way to go, Steve! No longer a loser! But I'm sure you'll disagree with that statement.
Reading: Michael O’Brien: Sleeping and Waking. Plenty of image candy in the book. And I'm a big boy who loves candy!
Acentos Live!
Some folks have emailed asking how many classes I will be teaching next fall at Bucknell University. None! Yeah! The Philip Roth Residence in Creative Writing is a four month writing residency. No teaching. I'm there to write and to be a literary presence on campus. A literary presence? No, no, I won't be walking around with a copy of Finnegan's Wake in my hands. And I won't be standing in the middle of the student union shouting out the lines of José Montoya. I will visit English/ Creative Writing classes and meet with students interested in poetry. And I will eat pie.
Poem: Poem for the Adoptive Mother.
too cute!
Bynner Poetry Reading featuring Matthew Thorburn and Monica Youn.