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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Made it back to Hamilton. But I think I picked up a bug in NYC or on the bus. My throat hurts.
I also bought these books:

Kevin McFadden, Hardscrabble
Alfredo Vea, Jr, Gods Go Begging (novel)
Dean Young, Primitive Mentor
New European Poets, edited by Wayne Miller and Kevin Prufer
I also bought new shoes! Aren't they nice? I bought them at Shoe Mania at Union Square. My shoes are Cognac Leather not Black Leather.
I had an early dinner last Saturday with Diana Marie Delgado. First we had some drinks at this cool hipster coffee bar: The Grey Dog's Coffee. She couldn't keep her eyes off this bearded clerk! He was cute. But a little too mountain man for my tastes.

After coffee we headed over to this huge but good Thai place, Republic. Tasty food. I had the lime chicken soup. Yummy! The broth had a lot of cilantro in it. I also had a pomegranate margarita. Our waiter was a bit on the dumb side.
I didn't get lost once on the subway.
At St. Mark's Bookshop I picked up the latest issue of Poetry Northwest. A lot of good poems in the issue. And I'm mentioned in one of the letters to the editor! Hey, I'm desperate for any kind of attention. Matthew Thorburn has a poem with a lot of great visual details in the issue.
Last Saturday was National Pillow Fight day. When I arrived at Union Square I noticed a lot of people were carrying pillows. Ah, New Yorkers, I thought. But then I saw a huge mass of pillow folk gathering in the square. Then they started fighting with each other. It was fun to watch. But a lot of pillows broke apart and feathers/ fluff snowed the air! Here is a video clip of the Union Square pillow fight.
I had lunch with Scott Hightower. After lunch I saw this Mexican film: Under the Same Moon. A bit trite but the boy in the film is amazing. And it was fun to see Los Tigres Del Norte in a movie.
On Thursday I saw this film: Maldeamores. A much better film than Bajo La Misma Luna.
I finally had a true NYC subway moment Saturday evening. As I was walking on a platform, heading for the exit, I heard a woman's voice repeat these words: I'm going to do it. I turn around to see what she was going to do, and I see a homeless woman undo her jeans, squat down, and begin to pee right next to a trash can. LOL. Poor thing. A few people took photographs with their cell phones.
Sunday I had brunch with Matthew Thorburn at the Popover Cafe. More tasty food. The popovers were great with strawberry butter. Matthew, as usual, was sweet and fun. I tried to get him to say some nasty things about certain bloggers but he refused! What a heart of gold!
After brunch I walked around Central Park.


Peter said...

How is the McFadden book?
I hear his anagrams are off the hook.

Robert Vasquez said...

Dear Eduardo,

I recently saw the film Under the Same Moon too; yes, it's a bit of heart-string puller, but I must admit that I enjoyed the character Enrique (he reluctantly evolves as a surrogate parental figure even to the point of sacrificing himself to the authorities). The ending is a bit too "happy ever after," but I hope such films become more prevalent--they can do much to reduce the blatant antagonism and neoracism that Lou Dobbs and others utilize to scapgoat undocumented immigrants.

All the best,