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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I just ordered this set of Cyndi Lauper buttons!
Once, when they had made love in the middle of the night and
it was very sweet, they decided they were hungry, so they got up,
got dressed, and drove downtown to an all-night donut shop.
Chicano kids lounged outside...

I'm so looking forward to this book. Another doctor poet!
The latest installment of Drunken Boat is up.
Ditto: MiPOesias.
"I have a friend who did once teach a course on himself, and I was talking to a mutual friend, and he said, "I bet he starts with his baby pictures..."
32 Poems now accepts online submissions.
"When I was little, mi ama bought our groceries at Fiesta. She bought our shoes and clothes there tambien. I have always wanted to write a standup comedy routine in the voice of a Mexican Jeff Foxworthy, "If your mother ever bought your tennis shoes from the same aisle she got the tortillas, you may be mojado."
Wicked Alice: Winter 2008
I haven't sent out poems in over 14 months.
No colonies for me this summer. I just want to do two things: a P-Town summer workshop and Breadloaf.
To a Mojado Who Died Crossing the Desert


Booktender said...

re: your poem


Francisco Aragón said...

Robert Hass wrote:

"Chicano kids lounged outside, a few drunks, and one black man selling dope."

I've always wondered about this Hass passage (Hass being a poet I admire very much).

Since you posted it, I'll respond. I don't think it's Hass at his best, which is when his specificity with language is rich with detail and nuance. My thoughts anyway.

Anonymous said...

and you havent published a book in 14 years. Calling Guiness...

Sheryl said...

Looking forward to seeing you and meeting Kevin.

Ana Božičević-Bowling said...

I love this poem so f'in much. (Your poem.) Thank you!