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Sunday, January 27, 2008


Congrats, Jehanne Dubrow!
Francisco has a listing of AWP panels/ readings featuring Latino/a writers.
safe sucks. programs like iowa, houston and columbia are injecting this industry with writers that are very polished technically, and most of the time, don't have one ounce of soul, originality, rebellion or ambition to save their lives. for every tc boyle there are a million ethan canins, most of them, far more boring and safe than he is.
Congrats, James Shea! He's the winner of the 2008 Fence Modern Poets Series for Star in the Eye. I went to grad school with James. He has a hairy chest.


antoine said...

Glad to see your "ethan canin" google alert is up & running.

; )

I like how, with all his bitching and moaning, he calls it an "industry." I also like how, when his stories are rejected, it's his time that's been wasted.

Anonymous said...

what's up e,

i've been reading your blog ever since we did that interview, and i never really felt the need to comment until now. but who the hell is this jackson bliss? obviously, it shouldn't suprise me that i've never heard of him.

i wish there were a million ethan canins for every tc boyle. boyle's mediocre stories are, in fact, the reason why i cancelled my new yorker subscription several years ago, and the reason why i was very close to cancelling my harper's a few months ago. he does not deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as ethan canin.

see you in palm beach,
kevin g.