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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sunday Bits

This is my last week of teaching. I'm going to miss my students.
I head off to Arizona on the 12th of December. I will stay there for about a month then head back to Hamilton to start my second semester.
My favorite Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! panelist is Adam Felber. His jokes are always the funniest and the smartest. And I think he's handsome. Paula Poundstone is my second favorite panelist. She's also handsome.
I count over 20 bloggers in this upcoming issue. Way too much! Enough of this nepotism!
Did you catch this week's Wait Wait..Don't Tell Me!? My favorite part of the show: Slut Witch Becky.
I wonder how many bloggers are going to submit to this new online journal?
I've decided to no longer apply to fellowships that don't come with teaching responsibilities. No Stegner or P-Town applications this year.


Radish King said...
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Radish King said...

I meant to write My favorite part of the show: Slut Witch Becky.

mine too.

garylmcdowell said...

Networking isn't a bad thing, last time I checked anyway.

Penultimatina said...

Hey, that isn't even the complete list! ;-).

garylmcdowell said...

If the work is good, the work is good. Who gives a shit who the writer is or whether they keep a blog.

Leslie said...

I love Wait Wait! My favorite is Paula Poundstone. Hilarious

Steven D. Schroeder said...

Gosh, you'd think they'd solicited you and then turned you down...

Brent Goodman said...
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Brent Goodman said...

I hear ya Eduardo.

But both magazines you pointed out placed their first call for submissions in the blogosphere. We were the first to hear about them and decide to submit. I'm guessing the real test of any editor will be if that ratio of po-bloggers per issue continues, or if as word spreads, the contributor list widens.

Anne said...

You mean there are poets who don't blog?

Huh. Who knew?


Justin Evans said...

Silly me! I thought Eduardo was making a joke about the blogger glutted Barn Owl Review.

Personally I wish I had something to submit at the time, just to say I tried to get into the first issue.

Diane K. Martin said...

I really like Wait Wait Don't Tell Me -- but I want to know how you can tell who is handsome on the radio. Huh? Huh?

Collin said...

You'll notice I'm not on that list. I forgot to submit. Drat!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep Tichando, ese.

Un Vato C/S/R

Ya ves como son los de mas...puro pedo...

Penultimatina said...

You know, since there are 60+ contributors to BOR#1, I'd have to say that our ratio is way too low.

That's only a third!

Maybe some of the "non-bloggers" are bloggers submitting under various noms de plume... :)

Charles said...

Eduardo, don't you think it is just as inappropriate to avoid publishing bloggers (or in magazines run by bloggers, for instance) as it is to publish them?

Either way, you are judging someone on their status as a blogger rather than on the quality of their work.

Do you supposed it's possible that the best submissions received by the journal happened to be from individuals who also blog? Or is that completely outside the realm of possibility? The likelihood might not be greater than chance, but statistics isn't about observing the real world, it's about observing potential.

What exactly is your standard for publication? Just out of curiosity?

Anonymous said...

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