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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Antoine Wilson Interview

Early on when I started writing stories people would tell me that they were really visual. I took that as a pejorative for some reason—I wanted my stories to be cerebral. Or something. But I guess I'm a visually oriented person—is that glib to say?
The Interloper is a great read. I read it this summer in two days. Keep your eyes peeled for an effeminate waiter* named Eduardo in the novel. The truth hurts!


Proud to be a sissy.

Well, I think he's a waiter. Am I remembering it right, Antoine?

1 comment:

Antoine said...

[did my first attempt at commenting disappear?]


Thanks for the props. Don't sell yourself short, though...he's a concierge, and a goateed one at that.

Thanks also for the heads up on those Shane Book poems!

Cheers, A