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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Antoine Wilson Interview

Early on when I started writing stories people would tell me that they were really visual. I took that as a pejorative for some reason—I wanted my stories to be cerebral. Or something. But I guess I'm a visually oriented person—is that glib to say?
The Interloper is a great read. I read it this summer in two days. Keep your eyes peeled for an effeminate waiter* named Eduardo in the novel. The truth hurts!


Proud to be a sissy.

Well, I think he's a waiter. Am I remembering it right, Antoine?

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday Bits

Spent the afternoon meeting with my students.
It rained all day yesterday. My idea of heaven.
Three poems by Keith Ekiss.
Helena María Viramontes, Luis Valdez, Cherrie Moraga have been named 2007 fellows by the Ford Foundation. Fucking yeah!
Someone asked me why I wasn't blogging about my time at Colgate. What's there to say? I'm reading and writing. I'm teaching. I'm enjoying good meals.
A couple of days ago I emailed David Trinidad to tell him how much I'm digging The Late Show. It's a very good book. I hope to teach it soon.
Finished new poem.
They Come Home in a Torrent of Laughter and a Nubian Eunuch-Powered Litter: Shane Book.
Verge by Morgan Lucas Schuldt is ready for purchase. Here's Carolyn Forché's blurb:

With Verge, Morgan Lucas Schuldt voices a radical corporality, raw-nerved and searing, in sleight-of-language play and pure sound as deft and inventive as that of Joyce and Mallarmé. This is a rare and profound achievement: the body at the level of the phoneme, a gestural and musical dance of flesh, and an altogether new work.
Landscape with Saguaros: Keith Ekiss.

Eye Candy: Cayetano Rivera Ordóñez: A Spanish Bullfighter

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Gay and Lesbian Poetry Anthologies

BEST GAY POETRY edited by Lawrence Schimel
BEST LESBIAN POETRY edited by Linda Alvarez

For the 2008 editions of this exciting new series celebrating the best
in gay/lesbian poetry, A Midsummer Night's Press invites submissions
of poems PUBLISHED during 2007.

Poems can have appeared in print or online magazines, journals, or
anthologies; we are also willing to consider poems from books or
chapbooks first published in 2007, even if the poem was originally
published previously in periodicals, so long as the poet has the right
to reprint the poem.

We are open to all styles of poetry, from formal to free verse; we are
likewise open-minded in terms of content, so long as it somehow fits
(even if pushing the boundaries of) what might be considered "gay
poetry" or "lesbian poetry".

We are willing to consider slam poetry, so long as it has been
published in text form, not merely performed; the poem must also work
on the page, for these anthologies.

We are open to English-language poetry from all over the world, and
actively look to include non-North American voices.

Please title documents with the poet's surname.

Please include contact information (both street and email address),
bio, and where the poem was published WITHIN the .doc file, as
documents will be read separately from the emails.

Submissions from individual poets or queries should be sent by email
in .doc format to one of the following addresses, as appropriate:


Deadline is December 1, 2007.


Miguel Murphy has launched an online journal: Pistola.

The first installment features some freakng great poets:


Saturday, November 24, 2007

Free Rice

For each word you get right, we donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program.

Play HERE.

Making A New Friend!

I write sentences. Some editors get mad!

CJ Sage has left two insightful comments (scroll down to read them) in response to my bashing of The National Poetry Review and The Laureate Poetry Prize. What did I say?

I said this:
What would you think of a contest that offered its entrants a possible spot in the canon? Fucking crazy, no? Well, check out this contest sponsored by The National Poetry Review. I'm really stunned. And disgusted. Maybe the editors of this journal have physic powers, like Miss Cleo, and can predict what types of aesthetics the future will revere.

I really can't imagine any serious poet entering this contest. This contest will appeal to novices, to "poets" who wear all black and who brood in the corner of their local Starbucks.

And I said this:
The minds behind the Laureate Prize for Poetry are now sponsoring a book contest. Have mercy, Lord! Hey poets: win this contest and your tome will instantly join Harmonium and A Working Girl Can't Win in the canon. Immortality! I'm just kidding, of course. The minds behind this book contest aren't promising immortality. This time. Apparently, they can only pick out canon fodder a poem at a time. I would rather eat rat droppings then win this contest.

Harmless, no? Well, I would probably take back the "I would rather eat rat droppings then win this contest" sentence. Harsh! Readers of my blog know I make fun of a lot of people and presses. I've dissed the covers of New Issues Press books, and I've spit in the direction of Tupelo press. I love to make friends in the publishing industry!

But CJ Sage makes a good point: my posts do sound like sour grapes because she reminds me of the fact that the journal once asked me for work years ago and they passed on it. I can honestly say I forgot that. But maybe my unconscious mind didn't!

My apologies, CJ Sage! My blog is all about fluff, and my regular readers know my posts are tongue-in-cheek. Though I must say I still think the wording in the guidelines for the Laureate Prize for Poetry is bull. But hey, at least I sent a few readers to your web sites.

I'm going to publish CJ Sage's comments not to make fun of her, but to remind myself that my posts have the POWER to hurt the feelings of others.

The power is mine! And I shall use it more in the future! Beware editors and publishers!

CJ Sage writes:
What's with your nasty attitude toward The National Poetry Review? Is the problem that we solicited you once, many moons ago, but didn't like what you sent? If I remember correctly, I told you that you could send more. Don't be so resentful. We've published lots of great work, and our book contest winner is excellent, *and* we're publishing two other deserving manuscripts. You're right. We are such villains.

I think, as I mentioned before, your anger is directed at me for turning down your poems once. But come on now, that was long ago and you should really let it go now. Or at least direct it to me personally rather than the magazine. (I guess talking to me when I declined your poems was simply out of the question, right? And what you are doing here is much much better?) Slandering the magazine only makes you look petty and juvenile and, well, you said the other already.

Actually, the idea of the prize was to encourage experienced poets to send in poems that had more ambition. God forbid.

I'm sure that you won't accept that and perhaps this post will fuel your anger even more. That's fine. I'm okay with karma handling things.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Poetry to Read with an Unzipped Zipper!

Damn! Hotness abounds in the latest issue of MiPOesias!

Apply! Apply!

Colgate University invites applications for the Olive B. O’Connor Fellowship in Creative Writing. Writers of poetry, fiction, or nonfiction who have recently completed an MFA, MA, or PhD in creative writing, and who need a year to complete their first book, are encouraged to apply. The selected writer will spend the academic year (late August 2008 to early May 2009) at Colgate University in Hamilton, New York. The fellow will teach one creative writing course each semester and will give a public reading from the work in progress.

The fellowship carries a stipend of $33, 250 plus travel expenses; health and life insurance are provided. The fellow will also be given an office.

Complete applications, which should arrive by January 1, 2008, consist of a resume; three letters of recommendation, at least one of which should address the candidate’s abilities as a teacher; an either a maximum of 30 double-spaced manuscript pages of prose or 20 single-space pages of poetry. Writing sample may be a completed work or an excerpt from something larger. Send complete applications to Creative Writing Fellowship c/o Department of English, Colgate University, 13 Oak Drive, Hamilton, NY 13346-1398.

I've been having an amazing time here at Colgate. Please apply. This fellowship is a gift from the gods.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Boxcar Poetry Review

The latest installment of Boxcar is up and running. It features a great interview with Alex Lemon.


Full recap later.

There's snow on the ground!

I bought these books:

Norman Dubie: The Insomniac Liar of Topo
Julio Cortazar: Cronopios & Famas
Gregory Pardlo: Totem
David Trinidad: The Late Show
Jean Valentine: Little Boat
Ronald Johnson: The Shrubberies
Graham Foust: Necessary Stranger
Matthea Harvey: Modern Life
Kimiko Hahn: Mosquito & Ant
Bill Rasmovicz: The World in Place of Itself
Best New Poets 2007
A Poetry Criticism Reader, edited by Jerry Harp and Jan Wissmiler.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Night Tito Trinidad KO’ed Ricardo Mayorga

The first two people who leave a comment will get a signed copy of Kevin A. Gonzalez's chapbook.

The first two people should email me and send me an address.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Bronx Reading

On November 13th I will be reading for the Acentos Bronx Poetry Showcase. I'm really looking forward to it.

Francisco Aragon of Letras Latinas will be giving away letterpress broadsides of my poem "Pear." Yes, you read that correctly: come to the reading and get a cool broadside!

Tuesday, November 13th @7pm
ACENTOS Bronx Poetry Showcase
The Uptown's Best Open Mic and Featured Poet

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sunday Bits

The vanishing art of tortilla making.
A review of Joshua Kryah's Glean. Click on "Show Original Post" to read review.
Rain all day today.
I dig this poem. That last couplet!
Eve Ensler and Cyndi Lauper to Be Honored By Feminist Press.
I finished a poem today. It's titled "INS Report #6." It's dedicated to Javier O. Huerta. I keep re-reading his book. I so wish I'd written three of the poems in his first book.
Luis Valdez: the father of Chicano theater.
Alessandra! Chris!
Currently reading: The Guardians by Ana Castillo.