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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


It's 3:30 AM. I should be asleep.
Vote for the sexiest gay poet here. I would vote for Frank O'Hara. I love sheathed swords.
It's raining!
Now for sale: For Girls(& Others).
Yet another poetry festival with a nearly all-white cast of poets. I'm so sick of this kind of thing. The more time I spend in the Po-Biz the more I begin to appreciate the intelligent anger behind the Black Arts movement. Here's my question: did any of the poets at the festival question the lack of diversity? I'm guessing no. I shouldn't be so hard. Maybe the festival organizers hid the poets of color inside the AND MORE! exclamation.


Christopher Hennessy said...

Thanks for the poll plug! I can't believe people are being such wet blankets. I thought more people would be voting! Oh well.


PS: Frank O'Hara is my secret crush.

Ivy said...

Hey, how do you know he's sheathed? Is this info in a book somewhere? Am I being crass in asking this? ;-)

Eduardo C. Corral said...


You're not being crass. Just curious. In his memoir Edward Field mentions that Frank O'Hara's penis was sheathed in a copious amount of foreskin. Yeah! I need to write a poem to O'Hara's forekin.

Booktender said...

Could thinking on the poem.

I'm sorry you're hitting this Anglos Only thing. Ick. (sigh) Remember, you're in the Great White North. And I don't call it that just for the snow.

I'm still pullin' for ya, despite the celtic glow of my frozen-cod colored skin. How's about an "authors of color" fest? You supply the color and, if I can make it, I'll supply the beer. Six pack anyway.

Tony R said...

Why do you care about a bunch of gabachos getting around to kiss each other's poety asses?

Start your own poetry festival! Don't invite gueros!

Matthew Thorburn said...

It used to be that the cover of the Selected Poems (U.S. edition) was a full-length portrait of F.O'H. wearing, as I recall, only a pair of workboots. If I hadn't swapped my copy out some years back for the more sedate-looking Collected Poems, I'd let you and Ivy fight for it!