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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

4 Bits

Etsy is fast becoming an addiction. So far I've bought a scarf, a gift box for a friend, and I just bought a batch of soaps from this seller.
I know why he's going to NYC. Do you?
I have some stories to tell. I have some living and some imagining to do still. Basically I’m stubborn about being told what to do and what is innovative and what is not. If narrative/lyric were popular I'd probably be railing against it, but no I don't think a good writer would be able to sit in one particular mode of aesthetics like a damn rock...It seems people are so into categorizing that few are actually reading outside these limited circles lately. Also, trends or fads change. I expect the jargon to shift in a few decades.
Yikes! Don't drop that gator!


Matthew Thorburn said...


cornshake said...

i love me some etsy--in fact, just today i was mentioning their oh so cute toys. they also have great stationery too.

Matthew Thorburn said...

I had a dream last night that I met Paul here in NYC -- but I don't think that's why he's coming!

word verification: GOWDAMM!

Laurel said...

I know why he's coming too..

And I just bought a purse on Etsy myself. I'm calling it a "diaper bag" because that makes me feel better about my frivolous purchase.