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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Rigo's Wednesday Shout Out

He-Goat, Beast of Secret Pleasures

I am the last
wolf in the man, the man in the storybook
wolf: fear and lust
are my two great dilemmas.
The name of my novel is The Story of a Love Wolf.
Chapter One: “The He-Hunting.”

The look of longing grows long—
my father. I am finding out how
to love a man.

I am my wolf harboring the dark
heart like a secret, posted
on the blood-dripping
green walls inside. In Chapter One
I read him—
he commits an act of murder.

Then Chapter Two—
“Love-Wolf and the Slow Meal.”

By Chapter Three, one must forget who is a wolf,
a father, a hunger, a son
hunting men. Remembering lust
one places the pen
down on his desk and reads what he has written:
“He-Goat, the Beast of Secret Pleasures.”

What will happen to us, who love now
bleating out, being ravished and torn to pieces?
Other men in the story—they do not

understand what death can be
unleashing like a mouthful of hot
neck and struggle. Best to keep it
quiet. Best to fall asleep and not write

“The Moon in the Man Wakes Up.”

Father, brother, colleague, friend,
I remember now the feeling
of wearing too much hair
on the palms of my hands. And, Yes,

if you read the last entry, “He-Goat Speaks,”
I admit to loving the wolf
in return! In the Epilogue, I admit to my nature
possessing the sadist’s heart.

from A Book Called Rats

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