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Monday, September 10, 2007


Each time I call my mom, while waiting for her to pick up, I'm subjected to "Beautiful Liar" by Beyonce and Shakira.
It's been raining for two days.
I've ordered this book and this book.
Where else can we send a poetry book for review? Where else can we send a review of a poetry book we would like to spread the word about?
The leaves are beginning to change.
My first two books were apprentice books, tryings-out.

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Staggo Lee's Poetry said...

The first book interests me. I know and love Guest.

There are legions of excellent small blogs, many of which are created and/or visited by accomplished poets. I send my poetry to these, where I receive incredibly useful help. One, Outside the Lines, linked to you. Hennessy has never read what I write, but his blog is charged with information I can take to heart. With the help and knowledge I receive, I submit my poetry with great confidence to publications. (I'm still definitely small time.)

My point--there's tremendously vibrant poetry out there which flies under the radar.

Read the best; immerse yourself in the least.