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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Yaddo Bits

On Wednesday housekeeping cleans my studio so I have to leave the room for a bit. I sleepwalked to the first floor and had some breakfast. I usually sleep through the first meal of the day. But I'm glad I did go today because I got the chance to say goodbye to Dan Welcher. Such a nice man.
I walked into town in the afternoon to buy some stamps and envelopes. I was planning on cutting my hair but it slipped my mind. I'll do that tomorrow.
Tomorrow we're having a pool party. Note to self: buy some beer.
Today I started doing automatic writing exercises. I'm going to do the exercises for ten days, and then comb over the pages and try to find something to use.
Alessandra Lynch and I caught a bat tonight in the cocktail room! Seriously! We spotted it flying around the gold ceiling. Alessandra fetched a couple of nets and we took turns trying to catch the bat. She almost had it a few times. I caught it, and she placed her net over my net so it wouldn't fly out. We walked to a door and let the bat out. Cathy would be so proud of us!

Jonathan Ames was no help! He threw himself onto the floor when he spotted the bat, and covered his face and head with his arms. What a sissy!


poet with a day job said...

can I borrow this for a week: "housekeeping cleans my studio?"

Anne in AZ said...

It sounds like you're getting some great new skills! Next time you drop by phx, come by your old office and help us remove the rats from the ceiling and/or bobcat from the basement.