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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Poets Are Funny. Poets Are Fucked Up.

from the Best New Poets 2007 blog:

Yikes! So this is going on the sixth day of Priority Mail. You have to be careful to drop it in the right slot. Priority Mail looks very similar to When We Get Around To It Mail.

"I'm almost puking my pants."

"We're all hungry for the results, and the delays reeeeaaalllllly suck. But what are you gonna do? I'm making grilled cheese."

"Oh how the nails do grow in an anonymous blog. I predict there will be no blog next year and further more I am again disappointed in my fellow humans. If we could only... who am i kidding, slap me in the face and make my mouth an ashtray. For god sakes I flew to the moon and married a mermaid."

"Roses are red,
violets are blue,
stop being such jerks
while we wait for the news."

"I like water and semantics."

"The bitching isn't because it's a new poets competition but because some of the people commenting happen to be bitchy mcbitchersons."

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