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Monday, August 27, 2007

Hamilton Bits

Ah, small town living. The fresh air, the green lawns, the white people.
I got my hair cut today.
Hamilton is a very livable village. That's right. I'm living in a villege.
There's a sushi joint downtown. And a health food store/ cafe. A coffee shop. Six pizza outfits. A deli. A nice sit-down joint. A Subway. An ice cream/ homemade chocolates outfit. Three small grocery stores. By the way, how much does a gallon of milk cost in your town? I paid four bucks for a gallon the other day. I was shocked.
There's also a movie theater downtown.
I wish there was a nice bookstore. There's the Colgate bookstore but it's not designed for browsing.
I had a seafood sensation sandwich at Subway today. It was gross. Why did I order it?


Anonymous said...

I pay 4.75 in central Louisiana.

ka said...

in my small town, organic milk is close to $7 a gallon.

$4 a gallon sounds about what it costs here.

When it annoys me too much I remind myself that I've paid as much for a 16 oz. latte.

jeannine said...

$5 and up for a gallon of milk out here in the burbs of Seattle. Not organic - that's $7. I'm thinking of buying a cow.
PS I worked at Subway as a high school kid, and recommend never ordering anything that requires mixing (the kids aren't required to wash their hands or wear gloves while making the stuff, although - I did both when I worked there) You're safest there with cold cuts and veggies.

Leslie said...

Ummm, that doesn't sound like a village—more like a small city. My town has one small general store with one gas pump. Oh, and a single restaurant. Which closes in the winter.

That's it.

No traffic lights at all.

More deer than humans.

All the humans are white. All the deer are brown.

I've tried to report this, the the segregation police, but they don't seem to care.

Oddly enough, the general store carries both brown and white milk. They cost about $5 a gallon.

Laurel said...

i pay 3,29 a half-gallon, but i buy yuppie-mommy-organic milk.

and the seafood sensation is your own damn fault. no excuse whatsoever for that kind of stupid.

(says laurel who does things like that too)


cornshake said...

lesson: always be suspicious if a menu has to qualify an item by calling it a "sensation."

and i do organic milk for almost $5. gah!

Collin said...

I think Atlanta may have some of the most expensive milk in the country. Over $5 a gallon at many places.

Collin said...

Are you the only gay in the village? ;-)

Pamela said...

Milk is 2.68 a gallon here, but the local grocery store is in an all-out war with the Wal*Mart and prices are seriously slashed. (Everyone here calls it "the" Wal*Mart, just like "the" Donald).

Pamela said...
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