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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Arrival Bits

The lovely and tenacious Alessandra Lynch drove me to the Albany train station Monday afternoon. We didn't get lost once! Though I'm sad to report that she got lost on her way back.
On the train I sat next to a very nice queen. A very cute queen. He had a movie star face. Handsome as heck. He'd just finished beauty school (no beauty school drop out here) and is in the process of applying to some acting/ dancing schools in NYC.
I got off at the Utica train station. A taxi was waiting for me. Hamilton is a 45 minute drive from Utica. My cab driver was very talky. So I asked him a bunch of questions about the area.
I had the taxi stop at a building on campus so I could get my apartment keys. Colgate is a college upon a hill: most of the buildings sit on top of several small hills.
When I entered my apartment my jaw dropped. It's an amazing space. The bones of the apartment are very plain, but the furniture and accessories are wonderful. The whole place is decorated in Island modern: dark rattan sofas and chairs with palm frond print cushions and pillows. And boy, this place is really fully furnished: new towels, bath mats, new plates, silverware, electric fan, new broom and dustpan, sleek and fancy bed linens, hallway hutch, iron and ironing horse, lamps, framed wall prints, vases, silver art objects, etc. It's overwhelming!
And the people from the English Department have been very welcoming. I'm going to love it here. No question.
Did I mention my office? It's cute as a button. Wow, that was so gay. Moving on. My office is smallish but perfect. One wall is full of book shelves. My window faces the quad area. Got a cool PC, desk and chair.
I'm one lucky poet.


cornshake said...

yay! welcome to the snowbelt. now let's talk about when you will visit! ;)

jeannine said...

Hope you have a great time there Eduardo!

Anne said...

Sounds awesome! You deserve it.

Now we need some pictures. *impatient*

Justin Evans said...

I am so happy for you! I love walking into a new living space for the first time, and I love exploring new places. I know you will have a great time.

Jehanne Dubrow said...

Eduardo, that sounds like absolute heaven. You're going to have such an amazing year!

Collin said...

Braggart. ;-)

Laurel said...

so so so happy for you! not to mention a wee bit jealous. but mostly outrageously happy.

Diana Marie Delgado said...

Let me know when you want me to come up!

Oliver de la Paz said...

Ah! My old stomping grounds . . . Utica, anyway. Colgate and Hamilton, NY, are lovely. You'll have a great time . . . until the end of October when your nostrils will freeze together . . . (j/k).

Lucky duck! Have fun!